Alabama Conservatorship Laws

In Alabama, a conservator is a person appointed by the court to manage the property of a minor or incapacitated person.  An incapacitated person is a person who is unable to manage property and business affairs because of mental illness, physical illness, infirmities accompanying advanced age, chronic use of drugs, or detention by foreign power.  A conservator may be appointed when an incapacitated person:

  • is unable to manage property and business affairs; and
  • has property that will be wasted without proper management

To appoint a guardian or conservator for an adult, a petition is to be filed.  A bond is required for conservatorship, unless, the bond requirement was waived in a Will or power of attorney.  A conservator must complete an inventory of the estate and file it with the court within 90 days after appointment.  Upon the resignation or removal of the conservator, an accounting is required.

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